Saturday, October 22, 2011

World of Warcraft: Mists of Pandaria and race choices

There's a lot of (sadly predictable) rage going on right now in the WoW community about the new race in Mists of Pandaria (the next expansion): Pandarens. Of course, the Pandarens have been around since the start and there's long been an unconfirmed rumor that they were slated to be the alliance race in the first expansion (confirmed, now, by the way at this year's Bizzcon).

I want to put the rage in some perspective. This is a game with foot-long floppy ears. This is a fantasy game where one of the most iconic images is a dwarf with a shotgun. This is a game where the magic-addicted deity-kidnappers are a playable race of "good guys". This is a fantasy game with blue space aliens. This is a fantasy game with orcs from space. This is a game with Jamaican-themed trolls.

WoW is, to quote Monty Python, a silly place. We should not be shocked when they add a cute race that riffs on cultural icons, and in fact if we are surprised by that it really speaks to how little we've been paying attention.
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