Monday, June 6, 2011

Lord of Ultima (LoU): Raiding for Resources

In a previous Lord of Ultima (LoU) article, I went into how you should build resource cities. As with many other aspects of the game, resources are something that you can deal with in multiple ways. You could build nothing but gold cities (see the building layout article) and buy from other players, but that's risky. What happens when no one is selling iron and you desperately need some to re-build your defenses after an attack?

A third way to go is raiding. Raiding isn't as risky as trying to buy your resources, but it's not as stable as building your own. So why do it? Mostly because it gives you the flexibility to use your troops to defend your cities and castles and you have more opportunities to kill bosses, giving you artifacts. This guide is definitely an optional one in our series, but follow along if you want to learn how to use an uncastled troop city for resources...