Sunday, October 24, 2010

Pathfinder and mktreasure

mktreasure, my random treasure generation for d20/3.5 Dungeons & Dragons is getting a makeover. I'm working on a new version that will handle Pathfinder. So far, the Pathfinder RPG SRD rules are pretty much the same as the regular d20 SRD. There are a few things that vary like all of the various energy resistance items are actually just "energy resistance" now rather than "fire" and "sonic" and so on. Also, there are many more types of armor (quilted, rosewood, etc.) than in the basic d20 rules. I'll fold all of that in and get a version that can crank out pure Pathfinder SRD treasure, but until then you can keep using the existing version which is fairly compatible. Just throw out anything that doesn't look right.

If you don't know mktreasure, the d20 SRD lays out the rules for generating random treasure hordes. At first it looks like just a series of tables, but it gets fairly complex, and there are some difficult edge cases that I had to solve for. In the end, it took several weeks of trying things out, checking against the rules, tweeking, and pulling my hair out over typos an inconsistencies. The end result? Here's a sample for a level 10 treasure horde:

coin: 0pp 1,196gp 0sp 0cp (1,196gp value)
gem: tiger eye turquoise (10gp)
gem: freshwater (irregular) pearl (9gp)
gem: obsidian (8gp)
gem: lapis lazuli (7gp)
gem: citrine (60gp)
ring of chameleon power (12,700gp)
divine scroll containing:
 1. tree shape (lvl 2, cast 3) (150gp) (150gp value)
protection from arrows 10/magic (potion) (300gp)
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