Saturday, May 15, 2010

Saturnalia begins raiding

Those who followed the adventures of the Saturnalia guild way back and when will know that we're a tiny, social guild of real-world friends that typically can't field a full raid, even for 10-man content. Well, we have been gearing up in 5-man dungeons and now feel that we out-gear the early Wrath of the Lich King raids enough to take them on with just 7 of us.

Today, we went into Naxxaramas to take out Anub'Rekhan, the first boss of the spider wing. Just one problem: one of our group didn't show, so we were down to 6. With just 6 players, only two of whom had ever seen the boss before, we walked in and explained that we were all out of bubblegum.

After wiping a couple of times, we figured out the right balance of dps and swapped out main and off-tank and wiped the floor with the dear bug. The above screenshot was our reward. However, we decided not to move on, as the weekly raid was Flame Leviathan. Again, only two of us had ever seen the encounter outside of videos and we lost yet another person. So, down to 5 players we all learned the fight on the fly and promptly one-shotted it. If you look closely, you can see that far away look in Himalountain's eyes as he recalls the days of 3-manning the old world instances. Ah, the times we had... and will have again!

We've been talking about our next steps. One option is go keep raiding the previous tiers of content. One option would be to get more people and go to ICC (iffy given that we really like the social elements of all being real-world friends). Another option we're kicking around would be to focus on battlegrounds, which would be quite interesting given the extensive changes to battlegrounds in Cataclysm and the improvements in gear available to players who don't necessarily do arena.

No matter what we choose, however, expect an increase in posts here about the guild as we'll have something to say other than just "downed heroic Gundrak... again."
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